i.12 (self-absorption series)
found and fabricated steel
16-1/2in x 14-1/2in x 9-1/2in

Artist Statement

My work explores the symbiosis between humans and our world, and attempts to visualize the cause-and-effect relationship with the two.  In my i-Series body of work, I speak to the growing rate of self-absorption in our society, and the effect this has on community.  The word community is derived from Latin cum (together) and munus (gift).  Modern conveniences are allowing for better efficiencies, more access, and more universal independence.  However, our use of these conveniences and lifestyle choices often blinds us to our surroundings; we are not present.  At what point is efficiency a detriment?

I use my visual voice to address the delicate relationships we as humans have with the Earth—both in the natural and sociological contexts—and how our decisions sculpt the world we live in today, as well as the world we will pass to future generations.  My hope is that we will be able to look past short-term gains in favor of a perspective that will prove to be sustaining across borders and through time.


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